Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chicken on a pot

We were given a clay chicken cooker that we have not used till now. Must admit we are lazy and buy the roasted chickens from Sam's all the time. To buy a whole chicken and cook yourself we could not see any or much savings in $. We did have a hen in the freezer and decided to give this a try it is like beer can chicken. We also did a first for us by brining over night. Biggest problem this posed was finding room in the frig.

1 gallon warm water, 3/4 cup kosher salt,2/3 cup sugar,3/4 cup soy sauce,1/4 soy sauce,olive oil, lemon slices. We threw in a few pepper flakes because we wanted to. Place chicken and leave in refrigerator overnight.

Now you can use any liquid in the little well, it is the moisture cooking on the inside that is supposed to do the trick. We used a mixture of soy sauce and pineapple. Place the but of chicken on cone after pouring on liquid. We also poured some of the juice on chicken and place on indirect heat on grill( drip pan in middle just in case with coals pushed to both sides.) The nice thing with this little clay thingy is the juices stay in the well. But this was originally done with a can of beer.
We tried to tuck the wings in but they just came flapping out during the cooking.Cook for about 2 hours for a small bird and 4 for a large. We use a temp gauge to test doneness. Best gadget I ever bought.
This was a very juicy and tasty chicken. If we find some on sale we will do this again.

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