Sunday, July 7, 2013

July Update

Wow It has been a while since I have been here.
So just an up date on what has been going on.
Wife was dx. as diabetic and high BP. So a massive change in our diet starting last Oct.
  Had to learn a new way of cooking and reading new sites and trying new recipes. The recipes we have found are from some great low carb sites we have found
We have been on a lower carb and no processed food diet and I must say we feel better and sleep better. Both of us used to snore real loud and now we don't or at least wife isn't poking me in the ribs to turn over all night.
  Good news is she has lost 44 lb. and I have lost about 22. She has been able to get off the BP meds and mine is a lot better.
  Computer went on the fritz and still not acting right. We have XP and it is not working like it did. Had to clean it off and start over and lost some of our stuff.
A new one will not run our older programs like wife's genealogy program and creative suite what a bummer.
   Wife had cataract surgery. She can see great now. I'm so jealous. (we had sticker shock on this the $ it cost was outrageous)
  Lost several cats. Mr. Gray, Moon, Jr. Tom Tom, but we have also gained Smudge, Ce Ce, Toes, and 8 kittens. Wife is working on catching them to take to the big fix. People who just drop off cats and think its ok not to have the males fixed drive us nuts. The males have been fighting and have their paws all swollen and tore up. We put peroxide on them is they let us. But the feral ones will not come close.
  We have tomatoes this year and they are doing good. Provence Acres thanks for the seeds we got from you a year or so ago. We over wintered some sucker plants from Toms sweet Cherry and one we call mystery tomato, it is a cherry with a potato leaf and a explosion in your mouth.  But we do not know the name it came up from your seeds.
Well got to go pick some blueberries.