Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Computer has been down

Disaster has hit, my computer has crashed and I was able to get some stuff back up. Good news I did an almost complete back up about a month ago when the computer started acting up. Bad news is we lost all our email and new photos that were not backed up. We are looking to have to wipe everything out and start over and that is such a pain but we must have got a bug even though nothing shows up on anti virus programs but it is just to slow and freezing up on me.
I also have been working out of town and wife was gone for a week so I have not really cooked anything, Not as much fun when she isn't here to come bug me when I'm in the kitchen. Did I say bug I meant help. She cleans as I do tend to make a mess. So today I will put up a picture of one of our cats who come supervise every thing we do in the kitchen. This is Frosty.
If the dish I plan to make turns out to be a winner I will post it.