Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday cats

It has been cold this winter so far and looks like another cold on the way. We worry about our outside kitties when it get this cold. We have some straw under the house and near the dryer vent and this year we put out a cat bed for two for Mommy Socks and Ginger we have not seen them in it yet but have hopes they will get in at some point. As for the very spoiled and pampered indoor group or clowder. Did not know that was what one called a group of cats till I watched The Big Bang Theory. My niece called us hordes but I like to think of it as they chose us and I have found out we are not alone there are others out there that can not resist the sad little faces looking in. Besides we are marked the kitty hobo scratch is around our house.

This is what our bed looks like when we have the electric blanket on before we go to bed. Is that spoiled or what.


The Japanese Redneck said...

Yes, very spoiled. A great picture!

Wills Kitchen said...

They are rotten