Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year tomato soup and sandwich

Boy am I glad to see 2010 go by by. I only can hope the new year is better. I did see my first white Christmas and most likely my only one. We went to B'ham for Christmas day and when we were almost there the rain suddenly turned to big wet snow flakes and snowed all day long. My sister in law lives on a Mt. and the higher elevation got a lot more snow than in the lower areas. And of all times to have forgotten my camera. Isn't that the way it also goes.

Speaking of the way it always goes why is it when you have a few days off you get sick. I came down with a terrible earache and all my hopes for trying the new recipes I had picked out went out the window. We just fixed a huge pot of veg soup and ate on that for two days and then a cheese sandwich. Plus it has been so cold we had to run our water hate to see the bill when it comes in.

So after staying in bed for almost three days I was well enough to get up and move around. The only thing we did constructive is add a shelf in the pantry and cleaned and organized it. Now we can see what we have. LOL. Missed out on the black eyed peas and cabbage this year.

Can of Campbell's tomato soup with cream added with a garnish of cilantro and Parmesan cheese. The sandwich is on a bun using a three meat lunch pack,salami,baloney and Canadian bacon and salad greens with provolone cheese. I have only one new dish to post that we did and I'll get it up as soon as wife get the picture ready.

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The Japanese Redneck said...

Sorry you were sick. That stinks.

Yup, leave my camera and that's when the best events happen.