Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sad Sunday Cat Post

best buddy Romeo
Even though he was so small he could hold his own with the bigger boys.

Good day to snuggle in the sun

We had to say goodbye to one or our cats this week. Spitfire or Spitzee or Smudge as we called him later was a pistol. This was one of my wife's cats when we got married he was 19 years old and we still have his brother Boots with us. When she first got him he was brought to her by a guy who lived behind us and he was under his house. She said she didn't need another cat she had two already but the poor pitiful thing had two broken kinks on his tail and was so tiny she gave in. Now he was older than the others and he hide under her bed and all he would do is hiss and spit at her. hence the name. For about 5 years he would not come out when she was home only watch from the side lines. Needless to say after a while he did come out slept on the bed and let you rub all over him, he really liked his tummy rubbed. But he did not like to be held, he would come get on us while watching TV, Spit we will miss you.


HEATHER said...

I'm so sorry. Black cats are my most favorite and I lost my black boy E. A. Poe back in October. Take care.

Lisa King said...

Awe. Sorry about the kitty. I know how y'all love your furry babes. Sure do miss y'all. I hope you are keeping warm in this cold weather.

Nanner Puddin'

Wills Kitchen said...

Hi Heather sorry to here about your baby funny how one can get so attached to the furry babies. Wife is really partial to the black and gray ones they are the ones who show up the most.

Wills Kitchen said...

Lisa miss the jams and we have been warm. Was a little worried about you all ater the last storm blew threw was kinda close.
Lemon Pie.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of one of the babies. It's always so hard.

I got one that showed up as a teeny kitten. Too little to be on her own. She's a couple of years old. She just started letting me pick her up.