Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Cats Casper update

Well our baby boy has been out of his collar of shame for a month now. We are giving him a pill everyday that's like a benadryle. He is still cleaning a little to much for wife's taste but his bald spots are healing. Believe me he looked in terrible shape with all the raw spots on him.

Wife looked up on net and found info some cats develop grain allergies.
We do not know if the science diet light they had been eating changed the formula or what but opening the bag all you could smell is corn. Sooooo.. we took up all the food and went to can only. Now with our brood this was a big step. Think litter box.
Believe it or not after a few days there was less litter box mess and less water consumption.(at lest that's what wife said.) One side note is all the big fat cats are losing weight!

Since the boil water notice has been on we did get some dry food to put down and it is Wilderness by Blue Buffalo that has no grain. Very expensive but they love it. It is intended as a treat not full time.

Here is Casper squeezed by the window. You can see his bald spot filling in. He is so happy to be out of the room with Ms T and have the run of the house again.

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The Japanese Redneck said...

Our children.....your's sound as spoiled as mine.