Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Cat Casper

This is Casper but we really never call him that for us its baby boy.
He is another stray we found at our old home. For a week we only saw this little gray blur going by and I really thought it was a baby squirrel.
Wife told me it was a baby kitten and she got him to come out and eat and after a week we were able to get him close enough to grab him. Poor baby he still had blue eyes and he was so small to have been out there all by himself. Something may have bit his ear because it had a notch on it.
This baby has had a bad skin problem since we have had him he is 11 years old now and it is getting worse. The poor thing has been in a collar for 3 weeks to keep him from scratching. We are on our last attempt to clear up the scratching hoping the olive oil and new food helps. We had thought it was a flea allergies but we use advantage on everyone so it is not that. Vet thinks it may be a food allergie. They said to feed can fish cat food and see if it helps as they develop chicken and beef alergies and the oil from the fish will help. If any one has had this problem and know of a cure please let us know.


HEATHER said...

You may need to look into the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food(BARF) diet for him-it's almost like Atkins for animals. They eat lots of raw meats. Not too many vets are keen on the idea of it because they don't make any money on it, but it does work. I used it on my dog that had skin allergies and it took her at ten years old back to a puppy-in terms of energy and playfullness. Cleared up the allergies fantastically, her skin was clear and her coat gleamed! Google BARF, there are plenty of sites and books about it.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Just out of curiosity, did the vet ever suggest putting Revolution for Cats on him for a couple of months?

Or have you ever tried plain boiled chicken. They sell the 5Lb bags of leg quarters pretty cheap at the pig.

I've bought my share of them and Dr.'ed along many a sick animal with boiled chicken.

Wills Kitchen said...

Hi Heather we did look at this but we are going to give the can fish for now and see if it works.

Wills Kitchen said...

Hi Ramona we did give chicken but vet thinks the oil in the fish will help.
We advantage the whole group. Not fleas as far as we can tell but has very dry skin atated using olive oil. Crazy we tryed one of our fish oil pills and they turned up their nose. Picky things.