Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Better Half and I were in town the other day for a Dr’s appt. and by the time we got my Rx’s filled it was about 5:00 Since we had not been in town for a while we decided to go to one of our go restaurants when we lived in town. The Elite. Wife really misses all our old haunts.
What a difference 5 years can make along with a recession. This little restaurant has been in Jxn a long time and was always full no matter the time. This was a rainy Monday and almost no one was there.
As we were seated and looking over the menu it has not changed and we ordered our old favorites.
We wondered how much longer this little restaurant will be there.
Spouse remembers some restaurants she went to growing up and are no longer around most little Mom and Pops but some may remember The Magic Pan, and Shakey’s Pizza (best sausage) are two from B‘ham and I went to Widow Watson's a lot.
The Mayflower was the only restaurant open after 9 when she moved here in the late 70’s. We also have really been missing the Macaroni Grill as we can not find as good a calamari. A long time Jxn favorite for a fancy night out or Prom was Dennerys. Loved the roman villa look.
What restaurants did you go to that is no longer around and miss dearly?


The Japanese Redneck said...

I miss that Pasquales and El Burrito ? combo that use to be on State Street at Triangle Mart.

Best meatball sandwich and Taco Salad ever made.

Lisa King said...

I miss the El Burrito that was at Jackson Square. Sure wish the Iron Horse hadn't burned. I was by there this week, and it's sad to look at.

Wills Kitchen said...

We liked the Iron Horse Grill also and miss it. I don't remember eating much at those two places.
Wife said she ate at Pasquales in B'ham. but prefered Shakeys.

mahima sharma said...
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