Monday, February 7, 2011

Bird Food Mix

Ye Gads snow in in the forecast AGAIN!!!!! I do not remember a winter this cold or with so much snow in the forecast here in central MS. We also have several bird feeders and it has been hard keeping them full this winter. The little gold finches are all over the place and we have so many redbirds I count over 20 males and must be at least that many females at our feeders. The blue jays like the cats dry cat food.
This a bird mix that all the birds like but the red birds are always all over it as soon as I put it out. Again this comes from my mother in law Mona.

Peanut Butter and lard ( we use crisco) or Bacon grease Use equal amounts of these (two ingredients pb and Lard.) I use about a cup of each. (make as much as you need.) If you use the cup it will take a good bit of corn meal.
1 Tablespoon white corn syrup
corn meal to mix and hold the stuff together add a little at a time and do not let it get to crumbly and best to work this with your hand not a spoon. Its fun getting your hands all messy.
This is a kind of feel thing and you may need to add more corn meal to keep it from being to sticky and should be like a soft dough feel to it.
We have a few pine cones that we have hanging near the feeders that we put it in and a suet cake cage that we also use.
You can also add some plain oatmeal.

We add a handful of ground up pecans because we have the trees and have observed the birds eating the crushed nuts.
We even saw crows hanging by the road waiting for cars to crush the nuts open.


The Japanese Redneck said...

Well, I'm sure the birds are more than appreciating you going to the effort for them.

Wills Kitchen said...

Looks like A Hichcock the birds in our backyard. LOL