Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thanks to every one and poor puddy

First I would like to thank Ms Carolyn and staff at the Comfort Inn in Tupelo their kindness and hospitality is unmatched by any. So if any one is going to be staying overnight in Tupelo this is the place.

Second I would like to thank everyone who visits and reads my blog I look forward to comments and emails.

It has been one long hot summer and I am really enjoying the cool weather that has come in. I'm ready to get back cooking and hope to be home more starting in Nov. Wife and I are already getting into the soup mode and hunting for new recipes. We just have one problem our go to site ( the death of the Zaar is now food .com ugh) has changed and she will not use it any more as it is so hard to find anything and does not work the way it did. It was nice to list what ingredients we had and do a search to find a recipe to fit. So if anyone know of another site please let us know.

We took two of our cats to the vet they are getting old and have bad teeth so we had them cleaned and a few pulled. Talk about working to pay for animals. I think it cost more to take them than us. Spot Jr is just not getting around good right now and was sliding all over the wooden floors. The anesthesia seemed to last a little longer on him.. Here he is in bed with me as I read him a tale of two mice along with Blue.


Madi and Mom said...

Hi Will
We had a delicious 6 bean soup last night...if you have an email listed I'll forward it to you as an attachment...very easy. We love soup at out house. I love anything that makes several meals....
cool and over cast in Dixie but that is fine as you said it has been one long hot summer...we are ready for fall.
Madi and Mom

The Japanese Redneck said...

Spot and blue look very happy being read to!

Pulled some deer burger out of the freezer this morning for a nice pot of chili tonight!

Keri said...

Wow. this is a coincidence. I just had to take my Terrier-ist, Dusty to the vet with teeth problems. She was way over due for it and in pain. When I woke up and saw her bleeding profusly from the mouth, It was panic. She had surgery the next day. That was last Tuesday and she's doing very well as of yesterday. Poor babies. and Poor humans who have to pay for it. VERY EXPENSIve, but worth it. Your babies look so contented and sweet. You have to be a great guy to love your animals and cook the way you do. Cheers, Will. Keri