Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bad bad babies Dead roll of paper towels

This is Will’s other half, he is out of town this week but will be back Friday and we have a long weekend coming up so we hope to be doing some cooking. The 25 was our 13 anniversary and he was gone so I hope we can whip up something good or go out to eat. Hint hint. We went to a restaurant a month or so ago Mediterranean Fish and Grill. Will had a chicken meat pie to die for. We have looked for a recipe but cannot seem to find one near it. I would like to go back, get another one, and see if we can figure what it is made of.
Mean while the babies have been bad. We know who is leading the young ones astray.

The roll of Paper towels did not survive the attack

Couldn't be them they are so innocent looking.

The guilty one

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Deanna said...

There is always one guilty one in the bunch! Happy Anniversary to you!