Thursday, August 14, 2008

August has not been good to me

Well when it rains it pours and I am not talking about the 6+ inches of rain we got Monday and Tuesday. This 8 stuff has not been lucky for us.
Our phone went out Sunday night and I am waiting for the phone guy now they can be here any time between 8 and 7.
The week before we had a real disaster. Both our old refrigerators bought in the 80s died on us. The small one in the back as our back up and wine storage quit completely and we lost everything in the freezer all our beautiful blueberries. That will teach us to put everything in the little chest freezer. At least all our asparagus was in the little chest. We lost the fruit and other veggies that we had in there. Next, the big frig in the kitchen freaked out. The freezer is working but not the bottom so we have had to throw everything out. We thought if we replaced the seal on the bottom part that would help, no didn‘t work. Again, another drawback to living way out here is getting service and delivery. With gas so high now that is where everyone is cutting out the free stuff. Needless to say, we have not been cooking much for now so I will be putting up some stuff we had cooked before the refrigerators went out.

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