Friday, August 12, 2011

We are crazy

Yes we are crazy with the heat as hot has it has been to be in the kitchen. But the food has to be put up and it does not wait for cooler weather. Well maybe the figs will, we have them in the freezer and will make preserves later. There is only so many hours in the day that I am home.

We have but up some, butter beans, corn, asparagus, okra, yellow squash. (all from the farmers market) we only have a small chest freezer so it is only a half of bushel of stuff for right now and see what room we have to put up later. We want to put up some tomatoes as we have not done that in the past but while they have fresh tomatoes they have to taste better than the ones in the can now. Any one ever freeze tomatoes?

Also we seem to having extra spaces coming up on the blog and I can not get rid of them any suggestions?

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The Japanese Redneck said...

I'm done for now with canning and freezing.