Sunday, July 11, 2010

First Tomato taste test

Black and Red Boar

Black Krim


We picked and sliced two of our tomatoes the Red and Black Boar and the Black Krim.
The Red and Black Boar is a small tomato and looks like n o other tomato I have ever seen. My wife said it reminds her of a red and green zebra. The insides are a very dark maroon red and I must say it was a tomato explosion in the mouth. This was one small powerful tomato packing with a full flavor.

The Black Krim is larger and also a dark red color and is sweeter. It was real good sliced on a hamburger. So far we can see where the heirloom tomatoes have a great flavor and we will need to try and save some seeds.


The Japanese Redneck said...

Sounds great! We ate our first Arkensas Traveler yesterday. They probably aren't heirloom, but they do have a very acidic flavor and we really liked it!

Motherofthesky said...

I think Genie needs to make a painting of some of those Red and Black Boar tomatoes. They are groovy looking.

Wills Kitchen said...

Have not tried that tomato.We always in the past had Marion, Big Boy or Better Boy. We are really enjoying trying the different ones.

Wills Kitchen said...

Genie wants to but we may eat them first LOL.