Monday, May 24, 2010

Some of our babies showing off

Spooky Boo

Stink and Ms P in the sink (his head is twice her size)

Frostys cat scan
Just thought I would put up a picture or two of some of our babies. Stinker is our biggest cat with huge paws and at times has a ridge on his back where the hair seems to stand up. Frosty is who we call our puddle puddy as he just melt in your lap and he is a big ol' boy also. Our second largest to Stink. Sambo is our cat that does a forward role all the time (if we could only get him to do it for stupid cat tricks.) We had to rescue them and bottle feed them when little so that is why we think they are so big. And of course the Smittens, Spooky Boo and Wolfie have the longest and bushiest tail we have ever see.


Nancy said...

Love the kitties! We can't have any with the Jack Russell and my daughter is allergic but I always had cats growing up and I miss them!

Wills Kitchen said...

I like dogs too still miss our Tasha but for some reason cats just appear and I just take them in if I can. Wife is the same way its like we are magnets for them and what is funny is we are partial to the gray and black and no matter where we go one appears.

The Japanese Redneck said...

All of them are cuties. Luv me some kitty babies!