Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Moroccan Shrimp

Since we had the Ras El Hanout spice we found this recipe for shrimp we knew we had to try. And it was wonderful.... also good to make as a pita sandwich.
Shrimp marinade
3 Tablespoons yogurt(we use Greek)
2 Teaspoons Ras El Hanout
salt and pepper to taste.
1 lb shrimp (we used less)
Marinate for 1 hour
can grill but we cooked in skillet with a little oil.
We had this with the chicken Shawarna the other night but the orig recipe had it as a kebobe with veg. If you want to make it that way just add veg shewers to grill like zucchini in chunks, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Add all the vegs that you want to use to the marinade. (we will have to try it this way at another time.)

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