Sunday, June 13, 2010

interview with

Spooky Boo in the sun

I just did some kind of interview with a guy named Mike about my blog at click on the link to see.
I have no idea how he found out about my blog or who pointed him in my direction. I guess its about people who use blogs to advertise on and I have not gone there. I must say since I put up the site meter just to see if any one was coming by I am amazed at the hits I get and from all over the world. Who would have thought a old country boy in Mississippi would be getting so much action. I did notice most people find my blog by looking for Chicken and Broccoli pasta. I will have to make that dish again and take a better picture as I made a mistake on that one and left out the milk or cream. This was discovered when some one made this recipe and asked why mine looked so dry. LOL

Meanwhile till wife can get my pictures ready for the web enjoy one of the cats.


The Japanese Redneck said...

Interesting. My counter just shows hits.

Which one do you use?

Wills Kitchen said...

We use site meter