Thursday, May 7, 2009

Orange Sherbert

My wife's grandmother used to make a strawberry sherbet using evaporated milk and sugar and placed in ice cube trays. Well I have been unsuccessful in finding this and her mother doesn't have it or has ever made it. So please help out there if any body has ever made this. Her grand mother lived threw the depression and it may be a local thing done in south Louisiana. I don't know.

I did find this for Orange Sherbet Ice Cream and it was pretty good tasted kinda like a dream pop.
1 can eagle brand sweetened condensed milk
3 10 oz orange soda pop
Pour into ice cream freezer stir and freeze.


HEATHER said...

Have you looked on the EagleBrand Milk website?
I made a strawberry ice cream from a recipe there.

HEATHER said...
That is a link to Alton Brown's orange sherbet recipe, it looked really good. Also that Eagle recipe, had you thought of using real orange juice instead of the pop?

Wills Kitchen said...

Hey Heather
I did go to the eagle and carnation site and found some recipes. They are not the ones dear wifes grandmother made. We have not tried real orange juice but last year we did do one with a watermellon that was so good we ate it all up and forgot to take a picture. Will be doing it again this year and will take a picture.

Anonymous said...
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