Thursday, February 19, 2009

Celery Root mashed

Celery Root

Nasty looking thing but it tastes so good. My wife is not a fan of mashed potatoes like I am. She has two things she will hardly ever eat and they are fried chicken and mashed potatoes. She said when she was first married and she lived with the in-laws they had that at least three times a week.
We both like celery and we found this recipe a while back and boy was it good. There is a slight celery flavor but not overpowering great substitute for mashed potatoes.
This a two part post as we made this side dish a felt it needed its own separate post. We made spice Thai Chicken Thighs that we put on top.

Celery Root
Peal outer edge to white meat of root. Wash well
Cut in small cubes
Boil or steam until fork tender
Drain well pour into a food processor
Season like mashed potatoes
Garlic (we used roasted)
Salt and pepper to taste
Add milk: or cream or sour cream what every is your preference.
Try not to over process. Should look like mashed potatoes.


Raymond said...

i really like mash potato - please post a recipe of it. By the way u mention that u were a self taught musician so how didya first started in learning to play guitar - please give me a few hints as im currently juz starting to have a liking in playing guitar

Deanna said...

I have grown in the south with two grandmothers who cooked everything that didn't move, but I have never heard of cooked celery root.