Monday, July 14, 2008

Brunch in the country

As stated before we have a brunch on weekends as I have more time and I like to sleep a little later on the weekends. After 4 days of 7:30 to 5:30 days, those few extra hours in the bed on Sat sure feel good. Of course, if the cat’s food bowl is empty they will worry you until you get up and feed them.
Here in the south, I grew up during the summer eating tomatoes any time and that meant at breakfast. I am so lucky we are able to get some good tomatoes from the farmers market but even better form the neighbors in the neighbor hood and not have to worry about the dreaded salmonella.
We have put up some asparagus and the way its going I may not have any left for the winter.
This is hash brown potatoes, fresh tomatoes, cheese grits with shrimp and scrambled eggs with asparagus, and shrimp. I really do not have this written down as I just winged it over the years.


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