Monday, February 27, 2012

Truffle oil

I have been dying to try a truffle. We watch the cooking show where they shave a little of the truffles on pasta or eggs and they carry on so much that I have been wanting to try some. Now I do not know of any restaurant that servers a dish with real truffles and I sure wish they grew in my back yard as the things are so expensive we saw one listed for over $500. for 8 oz. Now I could pay off some bills with that kind of money. I settled for the oil. Boy this was great on scrambled eggs. It does have a very earthy smell and taste like a mushroom. It is also a little addicting. It makes you want more.


The Japanese Redneck said...

Cool. I've been afraid to buy it because of the earthiness they talk about.

As you, I've never seen a real truffle for sale.

Wills Kitchen said...

We started out with just a drizzle and by the third time we made them we were adding more as our taste buds adjusted to it.

Lisa King said...

Y'all so fancy.