Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Cat Baby Girl Needs a home !

About 2 months ago this baby showed up barley able to walk. She would flop over if she got excited or if Mommy Socks or Gin Gin got near her. And of course Gin Gin did not want her around and would go pop her. She would sit on the edge of the patio till all the other cats had eaten then she would creep up to the bowl. Wife has been sitting out every morning, afternoon and night talking to her and moving the food bowl closer to her. We thought she may have had a broken leg or back by her actions. We were afraid we would hurt her if we made a grab for her and if we missed it would take a long time for her to get close again. And she was doing better since she had some food.
All the outside kitties know when we whistle its feeding time(even the opossum and coons come). So we have to guard them from the unwanted critters while they eat.
With the cold weather wife decided Sunday she had to make a go of catching her. Success, she was grabbed placed in a pillow case and brought in the house to a large carrier and only bit once while petting her.
Monday it was off to the vet. Poor baby knew we were cat people as she loved being petted and really liked her face rubbed. She was real good at the vets and they ran all the virus test (FLV,FIV,HW). She was clean and vaccines and rabies shots given, spayed and x rays showed no broken bones so they are not sure why she has trouble walking. It could have been from a tick or a blood clot.
If any one can give this sweet baby a inside home please let us know. It would be best if there were no other cats or maybe one female as she can not defend herself well.


The Japanese Redneck said...

Aw, she's lucky to have found ya'll.

Mike said...

Nice cat. I might be interested. Is she docile?