Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Cats

Stinker loves this cool weather.
I have some real weird hours that I have to work this week like at night so I will not be home for dinner and we have been making some of our older recipes and not any much new.
Also I.m back to 5 days a week sure will miss having Friday off. We did our regular shopping Saturday and it was a mad house. We get spoiled by shopping on Fridays.
I would like to tell everyone in Jackson of a new Mex Restaurant called El Mezquite Grill.
This just opened at metro center mall. Our go to Mexican restaurant has been Salsa.s But we were really impressed the two times we went here. In fact we brought home food both times.
They did a good chili relleno last time and one of the best tamales I've had. They also bring a bowl of looks like black beans with cheese dip with your chips and salsa. We really like this and are going to see if we can duplicate it. The restaurant its self is very nice inside so go give it a try.

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The Japanese Redneck said...

He's a beauty.

Sounds like a good place to eat.