Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Cat feature staring Frosty

Frosty is a people cat. He does not run and hide like the other scared cats but tries to get up on your lap and give you a sniff all over with his very cold nose. It may be 100 outside but his nose is always cold so his name Frosty has a double meaning.
Frosty is almost as big as the Stinker but in the fact he is overweight and would rather lounge next to you than run around the house. He hates to be away from his people for long and is always on the couch or kitchen with us and sleeps at the foot of the bed.
When we have been away from the house he is the first to greet us and will not quit doing this little hopping thing against our legs till we make all over him. The way he acts one would think we had been gone for days.
We can only think he acts like this because as kitten he was the last for us to catch. We found five kittens under our porch and rescued them. Three we kept and the other two found a home with our Vets sister who had a big barn. We call Frosty and his brothers Sambo and Blue the the three amigos. Brother Blue will appear soon.
Frosty has appeared before as our kitchen cat. He likes to sit on the stool and watch me cook.


The Japanese Redneck said...

There's a big, big difference between the pics on the top left and bottom right!

He's a big un. Pretty boy too.

I luv the loveable ones that want attention.

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Sounds like a great pet. I like the people cats too. Our male cat, Shadow, is like that. He's usually sleeping in the room where we are, always nearby, except at night. He has a fit in the hall until someone lets him out in the evening.